The Global Tank Storage Awards celebrates excellence, safety & innovation in the storage sector. The awards categories are split into three sections; Technology, Terminal & Ports and Individual.

Entries will be judged by an independent panel of experts and the winners will be announced at the industry’s exclusive award ceremony

Technology Awards

Terminal Optimisation

This award goes to the software, service, or model that succeeds in optimising, streamlining, or improving the storage terminal.

Award Winner for 2020: Toptech Systems

Award Winner for 2019: Brooge Petroleum and Gas Investment Company

Award Winner for 2018: Vopak Terminal Savannah

Environmental Performance

This award goes to the product or technology that serves to protect the environment and/or reduce emissions at the terminal.

Award Winner for 2020: Integrated system for vent gas treatment at the port of Rotterdam, Tecam

Award Winner for 2019:  Floating roof monitoring and 2 in 1 overfill prevention system, Emerson

Award Winner for 2018:  Geodesic Dome Roof, Matrix Applied Technologies

Innovative Technology

The winner of this award will go to a technology/product or service that is revolutionising the tank terminal industry.

Award Winner for 2020: TWTG

Award Winner for 2019:  Contact-based inspection drones, Amerapex

Award Winner for 2018:  In-tank drone inspection, Avetics Global

Award Winner for 2017:  Elios by Flyability

Emerging Technology

The Emerging Technology Award is given to a cutting-edge technology that allows forward-thinking storage terminals to keep pace with a rapidly changing working environment

Award Winner for 2020: Diakont Advanced Technologies

Safety Technology

This product or technology adds an additional layer of safety to the terminal and reduces risk to employees and the surrounding area.

Award Winner for 2020: Re-Gen Robotics

Award Winner for 2019:  Magnetic pipe support, McNetiq

Award Winner for 2018: Rosemount 5900S 2-in-1 Radar Level Gauge, Emerson


Port Innovation

This award goes to the port or technology that is working hard to create a circular economy, digitalise its offering or use new technology to improve overall port customer service & efficiency.

Award Winner for 2020: Marseille-Fos Port community 

Award Winner for 2019: North Sea Port

Award Winner for 2018: North Sea Port

Award Winner for 2017: Port of Antwerp

Sustainable Impact

This terminal is demonstrating its dedication to preparing for the energy transition via research & investment, as well as implementing ongoing energy efficient measures at the terminal. This award will be voted on by the industry.

Award Winner for 2020: Sprague Operating Resources

Award Winner for 2019:  Vopak Terminal Eemshaven

Award Winner for 2018:  Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves, Vishakhapatnam

Award Winner for 2017:  IL & FS Prime Terminals Fujairah

Safety Excellence

The winner of this award will be able to demonstrate an impeccable safety record – specifically when it comes to lost time injuries as well as recording near-miss incidents. This award will be voted on by the industry.

Award Winner for 2020: Fujairah Oil Terminal

Award Winner for 2019: Shell Haven, UK

Award Winner for 2018: ATT Tanjung Bin (ATB) Terminal

Award Winner for 2017:  Ventspils Nafta Terminals

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Terminal Efficiency

The winner of this category will be the terminal that boasts the most effective operations, provides the best customer service and uses the latest innovations. This award will be voted on by the industry.

Award Winner for 2020: CLH

Award Winner for 2019:   Euro Tank Terminal, Rotterdam

Award Winner for 2018: Saudi Aramco Terminals

Award Winner for 2017:  LBC Cepsa


Rising Star Award

This award goes to the person who is already paramount to the success of their company and who has the potential to become a key contributor to the future development of the tank storage industry.

Award Winner for 2020: John Reynolds, Managing Director, Reynolds Training

Award Winner for 2019:  Jaap Koomen, General Manager, Burgan Cape Terminals

Award Winner for 2018:  Ewart Cox, Managing Director, Assentech

Award Winner for 2017:  Frank Schreurs, Managing Director, In-Energy

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award goes to an individual who has gone above and beyond to ensure the success of a company.

Award Winner for 2020: Nuria Blasco, General Manager, Tepsa

Award Winner for 2019: Kasper Castricum, General Manager, Arabian Chemical Terminal

Award Winner for 2018:  K K Vikraman, General Manager, Tristar Terminals Guam

Award Winner for 2017: Ellen Ruhotas, Managing Director, Ratio Group

"The Global Tank Storage Awards ceremony is always exciting. This year [2018] we were really proud to win the Best Port Award, which has given us a significant amount of international recognition and media attention"

Sandra De Mey, Commercial Manager, North Sea Port

The date of the event is 16th March 2021

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