Last year’s shortlisted nominations

Safety Excellence in Bulk Liquid Storage Award

Most Efficient Storage Terminal Award

Biggest Commitment to Environmental Protection Award

Best Port Award

Outstanding Achievement Award

Krien van Beek,

Founder, RVB Tank Storage Solutions

Krien has been in the shipping and tank storage sector for nearly 30 years. In different roles and she has seen the market from a ship owner-, trader-, producer- and terminal-prospective.

In 2014 she founded RVB Tank Storage Solutions and four years later she managed to fill the gap between the cargo owners and terminal operators around the world.

With offices in Houston, Rotterdam, Singapore and Shanghai, RVB provides global brokering services. They produce a monthly market update and show the availability in the market.

A transparency has been created and matches were made between terminals and cargo owners which otherwise would never have been made.

Jerry Cardillo,

President, Contanda Terminals

Jerry has been instrumental in leading Contanda in its new strategic direction by broadening its product lines to focus more on the petrochemical and hydrocarbon markets. His ambition to double the company’s storage capacity when he first came on board in 2016 is well on track and he ensures that the company stays ahead of the curve in terms of market developments. With Jerry at the helm, Contanda will continue to successfully expand and enhance its footprint on the US Gulf Coast andWest Coast.

Kasper Castricum,

General Manager,

Arabian Chemical Terminal Kasper has been terminal manager at Arabian Chemical Terminals in Saudi Arabia for over 8 years, with previous experience working at Vopak, Odfjell, and NuStar. In a tough market, his dedication ensures the terminal achieves its ambitious growth plans and that the terminal enjoys worldwiderecognition.

Earl Crochet,

Director of Engineering & Operational Optimisation, Kinder Morgan

Earl has been with Kinder Morgan for over 30 years and has become a widely recognised figure in the tank storage sector. He has shared his experience and knowledge at conferences all over the globe and is an expert in many subject areas including API tank standards. Despite this, he remains a family man, and always proudly shows off hisgrandchildren at any opportunity he gets!

Peter Davidson,

Executive Director,Tank Storage Association

Peter has been Executive Director at the UK’s Tank Storage Association for over 3 years. Since Peter joined the association, there has been a significant change in the direction and growth of the TSA. Peter works hard to promote key issues impacting the UK tank storage sector, including the impact of Brexit and the UK’s decarbonisation strategy. His hard work has been fundamental in driving up the number of members in the association, as well as increasing the status andvisibility of the TSA within the UK Government.

Phil Myers,

Founder, PEMY Consulting

Phil has over 35 years of experience within the chemical, petrochemical and refining sectors and has made a name of himself as an industry expert. He is especially well known for his knowledge of API standards and has chaired multiple task groups for the API, including API 2350. In 2010 he set up PEMY Consulting and now travels around the globe offering training and advice on compliance issues, overfill preventionprogrammes and safety analyses.

Employee of the Year Award

Steve Hearn,

Integrity and Engineering, Valero

Steve is a fully qualified welder with over 30 years experience working on many petrochemical sites throughout the UK. He started working for Semlogistics (the largest storage terminal in the UK) as welder on the oil storage site. That is when he was given the opportunity to study for his API certificate then HNC in engineering. Steve has been in charge of many tank refurbs on site up to the cost of £5 million and also extensive jetty pipeline projects. Since the terminal has been bought out by Valero, Steve is working on a number of their terminals throughout the UK and Ireland bringing them up to the safe working standard. Steve also has a big hand in working closely with local charities to organise the company golf day, which has raised the sum of £15,000 in the last 3 years.

Ton Klinkenberg,

Asset Improvement Manager, CEA Systems

Ton Klinkenberg joined CEA systems about two years ago as a consultant and since then has transformed the company’s business strategy with his vision of digitising the asset information. Ton’s vision is to bring in the transparency among the functional silos in asset-intensive industries through data integration that will ultimately create an inclusive and knowledgebased organizational culture. at his subject matter expert’s role at cea systems, ton has used his extensive experience of being an asset improvement manager at complex technical sites to further develop our plant4d platform. He is bringing the asset management perspective when collaborating with our development team to ensure that the assetrelated data can be created and maintained at our platform throughout the entire asset lifecycle. next to bringing data and asset management perspectives together within CEA systems, ton is actively shedding light on this topic at the broader audience. he is an active member of suto committee at the local Dutch organization for effective maintenance (NVDO) and has delivered a well-received speech on this topic across the international professionals at the iam asset management conference 2018. we would like to acknowledge ton’s contribution to building the pant4d platform into an asset information management tool by nominating him for the employee of the year award. we believe that his dedication and vision will transform the way data is handled in the asset-intensive industries.

Colin Pittman,

Commercial Director, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions

Being one of the co-directors of the ALS company, Colin has done a lion share of work to generate business for 3D laser surveying. In five years, the business has grown and has now reached continental Europe. Colin is a born networker and a true business developer, as he can connect and find ways to add value to any innovative technology-driven company in the tank terminal industry. What makes Colin unique and worthy for this award is his dedication, personality, and charm.

Jaap Koomen,

General Manager, Burgan Cape Terminals (BCT),

Since 2016, Jaap has been instrumental in the development of VTTI’s terminal in South Africa. A storage and distribution facility with a capacity of 122,000 m³, BCT is located at the Eastern Mole of the Port of Cape Town. BCT can handle products including diesel, petrol, fame & ethanol for blending. It also receives and distributes fuel, enhancing the country’s energy flexibility. Overall, the facility has played a vital role in strengthening the country’s fuel security. By providing the energy products needed for the continuous production of electricity in the country, BCT has assured, to a large extent, the continuity of access to electricity in the region.

With a background in economics and strategic consultancy and with extensive experience in the terminal storage business, Jaap played a key role in setting up the terminal. The terminal was constructed to the highest quality and safety standards, following innovative international techniques, in a relatively short period of time, becoming fully operational in August 2017. As in all the environments VTTI operates in, the company brings in its international expertise and knowledge, but most importantly, it focuses and aligns its efforts with the local community. BCT is a black-empowered storage company, which, under Jaap, has already achieved its first certification in South Africa’s economic empowerment rankings. A government initiative, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) aims to improve equality for historically disadvantaged people within South Africa. Under Jaap’s leadership, BCT completed its B-BBEE verification 26 27

Employee of the Year Award process for this year, achieving a Level 4 status. BCT, as part of its organisational culture and strategy, is working towards building on its success and contributing in this way to the making of a better South Africa for all. As Jaap underlines, one of the main factors of success in the company’s development is the BCT team. Jaap has an extraordinary open and inclusive vision. From the outset, Jaap and his team have built a culture of trust and respect. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, and to own their work and responsibilities, creating the collective leadership that is at the root of the global VTTI culture. The result is a working culture that is respected and safe, where the staff are supported and motivated to contribute to the organisation’s success. It requires a professional and empathetic leader to create a well-functioning terminal in all respects, and Jaap is to be acknowledged for this achievement.

After three successful years at BCT, Jaap will take up the position of General Manager of ETT, VTTI’s terminal in Rotterdam.

Stuart Sharp,

Head of Global Sales, Scanjet

After re-joining the Scanjet team, Stuart has filled the void in the company. Stuart’s dedication to educating the oil industry about the benefits to staff and the environment by using automated tank cleaning is inspiring. To Stuart, it’s not about making the sale, that’s a given but it’s his sheer dedication to helping his clients, whom quickly become his friends that makes him stand out.

Regardless if he is stood on top of tank on Abu Dhabi or in an exhibition hall in Singapore, Stuart has the customer in focus pushing them to make the decision that benefits all. We at Scanjet hope that this proud industry can take the time to acknowledge Stuart and the hundred of employees like him that make the industry what it is and what it is becoming.

Excellence in Environmental performance

Outstanding Terminal Safety Technology Award

Excellence in Terminal Optimisation Award

Best Supplier of the Year

Most Innovative Technology Award